Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More news


I just found out the Oscars are being pushed back to March 5, 2006 so as not to conflict with the Olympic Winter Games.

When is March Break this year?


BABY ALIAS: Jennifer Garner's character on Alias, Sydney Bristow, will be expecting a child this fall with Vaughn (Michael Vartan, series mastermind J.J. Abrams confirmed. The star, who's pregnant in real life with Ben Affleck's baby, is expected to be in every episode next season.
[courtesy E! Online]

So that's how they're going to deal with the pregnancy. Better than having her stand behind plants every week. But it will seriously limit the number of skimpy outfits and ass-kicking. Not to mention the fact that Alias is now up against The O.C., Survivor and Joey in the network execs' brilliant plan to try and put every show they have on Thursdays at 9pm.


Cyn said...

That will fall smack dab in the middle of New Brunswick's March break, but likely won't impact any of the US states and most of Canada.

John said...

I thought we passed a law that stated that Ben Affleck wasn't allowed to propogate his species?

And, great, even more things to complicate matters on Alias. *sigh

spirtswoosh said...

Am I the only person that watches Joey? Oh wait I don't watch it. Nevermind...why hasn't that been cancelled it's no two and a half men.

KJ McLean said...

YAY! Oscars for my birthday!

It's about time the Fates made it up to me after never letting me have my travelling friends at my birthday party for eons!

mare said...

that is indeed our march break.

which means i will be on a cruise with my folks and will miss the oscars. phoo! i will leave a ballot in absentia :P

and karen, my birthday is labour day weekend - people travelled so i never really had parties, and then i'd get school clothes as a present. ouch!

Scott M. said...

If I recall, last season of Alias ended with Syd telling Vaughn she was pregnant, then they get hit by a truck. So she will probably be in bed for most of the season while Nadia does all the ass-kicking. I have been suspecting for a while now that the plan is for Syd to retire with the baby while Nadia takes over, assuming the show survives another season, which seems unlikely considering how craptastic it was last year.

liz said...

It actually ended with Vaughn saying "I'm not who you think I am, my name isn't Michael Vaughn, and I am already engaged to Liz, so go away silly Jennifer Garner" Pretty sure that was how it went down. Still haven't seen my ring, though, I wonder when that will show up? :P

Scott M. said...

Ew, you like Michael Vartan? That dude makes J-lo movies.

liz said...

I'm not the only one who likes him... might want to check with your girlfriend there, Scott

Joanne said...

Mare, I feel for ya on the Labour Day weekend and school clothes. Sept 2nd here. I always felt so jipped ;)

Lisa said...

Ack! I haven't watched season 4 yet; no spoilers!!

mare said...

nadia is only in for a couple of eps this year, scott. so no, she's not going to take over for syd.

michael vartan speaking french. drool.

and yeah, school clothes. bah!