Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hot chocolate on the 2nd of July

Saturday night, the second of July, and I sit here drinking hot chocolate. An effort to find some kind of relief for my scratchy throat, which I have had for a few days, and can't seem to shake. Just took an Advil, and am hoping now that I am back home for the evening I can rest my throat and kick it back into shape. For those keeping score, hot chocolate is the only opaque drink I enjoy :)

Having a Friday long weekend is different than having a Monday long weekend, I find my days are all screwed up. Kept reminding myself that today is Saturday.


At work on Thursday, to thank the office, we were treated to chinese food from my fave chinese food restaurant. I was stuffed and only ate half my food, but I had leftovers for Friday.

After work, Jenn met up with me at my office and we headed over to drop salmon off to Mare's mom (work had ordered salmon from a plant down in Charlotte Co. so I offered the special pricing to Mare's parents, who love fish). All but me had a bite to eat at Mare's (I was still full from lunch) and then we headed to Lisa's scene study class performance. All were really good, entertaining, some intense, some funny, and some just plain out there :) Parts of Dre and Beth's scene, about a mother and daughter, really hit home with me at times. Yay to all the actors, great jobs all around!

After class we headed to Sebastian, where one end of the table had extremely poor service (45min wait to be acknowledged for drinks?!?!), and at the other end of the table we had considerably better service, by Los' sister actually. She recognized me and told me who she was, it was nice to see her.

Creeping up on 10pm, I then headed over to Jay's to watch the season finale of Hit Me Baby. No one really blew us away with their 2nd performances, but there was one particularly bad performance by Missing Persons, or more accurately, only the lead singer. Where was the rest of the band? Who knows! Post-show we sat and listened to the 92 dedications I missed from a couple of weeks of Jay's radio show, so I was glad to hear all the shout-outs I got, yay!!


Friday was Canada Day, but I woke up exhausted and didn't feel like doing anything other than curling up on the couch and trying to cure the cough. I did have to get up and drive my younger brother to the airport, sat and chatted with him for a while as he waited for his plane. Headed to work for a few minutes to pick something up (which I subsequently forgot to grab), then over to Lisa's to drop off her backpack that got left behind in my car. Went home and did indeed curl up on the couch, popping in Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra, which is 4 hours long. I didn't end up finishing the movie until midnight last night, because I kept falling asleep, got up to eat, write an email, and took a phone call. A slow day but I hadn't had a slow day in a while so it was nice to chill and relax.


The order of the day today was helping Chris move, and getting in as much Live8 as I could. I started watching this morning as U2 & Paul McCartney came on stage, and the London performances were among the best so I was glad to see those, before the evil that is Ben Mulroney came on hogging the TV. Nobody likes you Ben. Get over yourself.

The moving went well, actually pretty quickly because we had lots of help and having already moved the furniture the other day, what remained was a lot of books. I grabbed the empty boxes from my basement and was able to lend a hand with the packing. Chris' new apartment is really nice, he has a great find with that place. Lots of room. Looking forward to the do tomorrow night.

Live8 was cool to watch, as you can see from the earlier blog of today, I was a little upset at the lack of Duran Duran being shown live :) I have the highlights show on right now as I blog to see what I missed. Really makes me want to break out my DVD of LiveAid, which I haven't watched yet and was saving for an outdoor viewing party. Kind of need that landscaping issue solved first though.

That's my weekend thus far. I hope to be able to kick this stupid cough. Regardless of whether I have or not, if it is sunny out tomorrow, I am not staying inside. 2 days off with fog makes Liz very angry... must have sunshine during days off.


Cyn said...

Sounds like a great weekend so far! I guess Canada Day was the day of salmon - that's what we had for our bbq fest last night. YUM!

Live8 was fantastic!

peto said...

I am disapointed no one was into Live 8 like I was... I tried to load the PC at work to watch it online and noone knew what I was talking about... Live AID, the original, would be cool to watch again, but i lost that VHS years ago :-(
Did anyone notice Motley Crue was visably not there for the Canadian Finalle in Barrie?

Cyn said...

I noticed they weren't there.

I have to admit I sort of channel flipped during it - mostly due to Ben Mulroney. But I did watch a good lot of it online.

I was disappointed by the Pet Shop Boys performance in Moscow though. It left me lacking. At least the scenery was good and kept me attentive!

Peto said...

Why is it, that, old "Classic" Canadian bands are NEVER at these events? ie: April Wine, Trooper, Kim Mitchell, Loverboy, BTO, Bryan Adams etc. Is it because they are not invited, they refuse, or, am i the the only Canadian left that still enjoys seeing them Live?

peto said...

...opps, i now see that i had missed the bryan adams set :-(

Cyn said...

I thought Trooper was involved??? did I not watch them? lol Hmmm perhaps I'm going crazy.

liz said...

I actually don't like salmon, I was just the salmon delivery girl :)

April Wine, Trooper, Kim Mitchell, Loverboy, etc. don't appear to be making any new albums. Bryan Adams is still out there making new music. Look at all the other venues - all newer artists or established artists who are still making music today and are well-respected (like Stevie Wonder, who just released a new cd). Sorry Peto, but Trooper is not "well-respected". They just don't have the international status of a Pink Floyd, who though they haven't played together since 1981, are so well known internationally that it was a huge deal to see them reunited.

Those Canadian bands can't command a national, or international, audience anymore. I highly doubt Duran Duran would have been invited if it hadn't been for the fact that they themselves reunited and released a successful new cd.

Live 8 was about getting the attention of the world. You can't command the attention of the world with a Canadian classic rock showcase. It's had its day, and it's over. Don't get me wrong, I like Kim Mitchell. But I understand why he wouldn't have been invited to such an event. Very few people in their 20s right now would know who he is.

Popular music is and always will be aimed at a younger crowd, and to ignore the younger crowd by playing music that is older than they are, well, that doesn't get them coming out to Barrie in support, does it? I doubt you would have had that many of the older crowd in Barrie if it had been a classic rock day... there comes an age where people have families and just don't go to rock concerts anymore.

This is why the lineup is laiden with yonger talent, or big names - they needed to draw as many people as possible. Even the lineup they did have in Barrie was chastized as being a bunch of has-beens. Where's the latest Tom Cochrane cd? I like him, but he was up there playing songs he had when I was in high school.

Peto said...

TRUE ! But "well respected" is the key word I think. In Canada, we only LIKE someone if they are on the radio with A NEW HIT... does that mean we are too be embarrased of the old songs? When was the last Gorden Lightfoot HIT?
I think, if our Canadian venue "shuns" old has been groups we are doing a disservice to original Canadian songwriters. I guess my point would be recieved better if Stompin' Tom had been there.

Anonymous said...

Peto... here's the answer to your Trooper question... July 2nd, 2005: Kincolith, BC Gingolx Crabfest Music Festival

And they were in Halifax (casino) and Moncton (Rockin' Rodeo!) last week. Did you go?

Peto said...

Hi Anon. I dont remember having a Trooper question, but,Nope, I didnt go, but I'm hoping to see O.L.P and The Hip in Sept at Magnetic Hill...
...want some tickets? ;-)