Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The fast and the furious

Luau planning has now begun. Still some kinks to work out, but at least the ball is rolling.

Had a landscaper out this morning to look at my yard and provide an estimate on hydroseeding. Hope to see that by the first of next week. Just looking at that for now, I will work away eventually at any "garden" areas. One thing at a time. Need lawn for badminton net!!

The City is supposed to be doing more work on the ditch. Apparently they are going to come by and sod it because the hydroseeding hasn't taken. No word on when that will be, though.

Dad was by this week and has finished the job of bringing the rainwater away from the house, which will hopefully solve part of my flooding issues. May still need to build up ground around the door. Dad also ranked 1 of the 3 cords of wood in my basement to be ready for fall. Nice to have it earlier this year so at least it will have time to season and dry out before I use it. Love my stove.

The door to the spare bedroom is on and ready for Vag's stay the end of next week.

It totally slipped my mind, until someone told me, that this weekend is the long weekend. I might have showed up at work next Monday if I hadn't been talking to anyone. Now I am really looking forward to that extra day off... just what I've been in need of, a day off around home. You have no idea how much I need that.

Not much news on the mother front just yet. The ball is currently in her court. Thank you to those who posted positive comments/sent great emails. I appreciate the fact that you're pulling for me.

What's in the cards for this weekend - anyone feel like an MST Night? Perhaps Saturday or Sunday, with some BBQ on the deck?


KC said...

Just yesterday I noticed there was new sod in the drainage area at the corner of Simms and Bleury.

Mayhaps the pod.. err, sod people are heading your way very soon, if indeed there is a dedicated sod-laying detail in the Works department!

canadianicewolf said...

MST night has potential!

Lisa said...

Yay lawn! ^_^ The Kent website has some interesting do-it-yourself suggestions for creating nice gardens, unless you'd rather the landscaper do it all.

My parents have a woodstove, and I missed that tons when I first moved out. The heat from a woodstove is awesome.

I think Anthony and I are going to Moncton for the night Saturday night to visit our friend Sandra, but keep us posted. It's supposed ot be nice out, so BBQ-ing could be fun!

mare said...

yay luau!

yay grass!

and liz, we all have your back, no matter what. :)

Surly Canuck said...

Uh, grass? I didn't think it was going to be that kind of Luau... oh wait. Got it.

Carry on.

Scott Thomas said...

I have rehearsals from now to eternity, but I could be convinced out for a MST night. But only if I can get me hands on some muffins. Mua hA ha. (cough cough)

Gilbert said...

Yay Badminton!!! Oh and everything else too. Did I mention Yay Badminton!!!

liz said...

Scott: Which night this weekend is better for you? I don't have anything planned so any night is good for me, I can work around rehearsals. Cupcakes can be arranged!

Gilbert: Yay someone else who wants to play badminton!!!! Actually, my front yard is less dirt and more freshly cut weeds, so maybe for now I should consider putting the net up in front until I get the lawn in... hmmm....

Brian said...

I still think you need a junker of a car up on blocks for your frontyard. The neighbours would just love you.