Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What *have* I been up to, anyway?

Let's see.

House-iversary Party

Apparently this doesn't fit in with most people's schedules. Let's just say if it's sunny, I'll be out on my deck, if anyone wants to drop by, come on over after 6.

Rock Star: INXS

Watched the inaugural episode with Jay last night. It was a great show. Really looking forward to seeing how this turns out. There were a lot of great performances last night, but they really did make the right choice in letting that girl go. And how sweet was it when Tim delivered the news?! Some may say that was all for show, but he really is a nice guy. Jay was annoyed about how they faulted the other chick for forgetting the lyrics... Michael Hutchence used to do that all the time (and he even co-wrote the songs).

Impromptu family supper

I got a call this afternoon from my grandfather, who offered me some strawberries from the garden and asked for some help with his new cell phone. He's never had a cell phone before, so I think he finds it confusing and a little hard to read the small letters. I helped him out with that and then he suggested going to grab a bite to eat. We headed up to AJ's Diner and had a nice meal & chat. During dinner he noticed my habit of eating one food at a time (they served me mixed veggies, which I eat separately) and said "are you still doing that?" Funny what your family remembers about you, even after many years :)

Sunday cleaning

I too have been cleaning up, but this is a normal activity for me. After the false alarm, I wanted to finally get my act in gear and clean up the basement from when Dad's cousin was over hooking up the electrical outlets. Cleaned all of that up, and still didn't find any signs of anything having fallen over, nor did I find any signs of mouse poop (thank God!) I moved things around a bit so they were less likely to shift. I cleaned out the spare bedroom and stripped the bedding. I painted the batch of IKEA picture frames that my brother brought me when he was home, so I now have lots of frames for future pics on the Wall of Infamy. Did laundry & ironing. All in all a productive day.

Almost just in time for my birthday,

Sheryl Crow is releasing her new cd on Sept. 27. As of yet, still untitled, but her new single Good Is Good will be officially released in August. In the meantime, starting next week, she can be seen/heard hawking Dell products. Sheryl, you know I have issues with Dell. Why do you do this to me?


Cyn said...

Gwen has dibs on HP so ... Sigh. Such trash - Gwen that is.

I have always done the same with mixed veggies. My foods also should not touch on my plate. It really bothers me in a big way when something has a sauce that decides to be defiant and touch the other items without my permission!!!

spirtswoosh said...

I'm gonna be watching Rock Star INXS religously. These people can actually sing. Don't know how much their drinking ways will affect the choice though with the other band members getting up there in age.
On another note there seems to be an ongoing discussion with laundry. My two cents is that I don't mind doing laundry at all. I do mind going up into someone else's house disturbing them to do it.

liz said...

It's going to be a really tough competition. These singers can all really rock, as opposed to the immaturity/suck quality of a lot of American Idol contestants. It's truly going to be interesting to see how it unfolds.

I can see what you mean there on laundry. No matter how many times you're told you're welcome to use the machines, they're still not "yours" and you feel out of place doing so.

canadianicewolf said...

I suggested taking it to mom & dad's when they weren't home and at the lake, but alas, that never got done either. :( So we have at least a week's worth of laundry to do and the machine has been in full tilt use every day this week and they've also had a few days vacation. grumble, grumble.

canadianicewolf said...

as far as Rock Star INXS goes, I was surprised that the guy was from NS!!! living out of his car alst week in LA, hailing form Nova scotia. Didn't really like him but I think he had a barrell of nerves. They all did really really well over all and it's going to be a tough decision, but hopefully very enjoyable to watch as the process goes.

Admittedly, I know nothing about the band members, but he seemed genuine when breaking the news and she took it far better than anyone on the AI shows!!Of course, they are older, wiser, and somwhat experienced in life. It goes a long way!

Lisa said...

Hmm... So what do you do about things such as stew, nachos and jampalaya where it's meant to be eaten all together? ^_^

We may yet show up on Saturday, with guests in tow. I'm not 100% sure as to what the hell is going on.

liz said...

I don't eat any of those things. For exactly that reason.

Lisa said...

*Lisa makes note in "Things About Liz" file* ^_^

liz said...

More like "filing cabinet" :)

There is one casserole I will eat, because I've eaten it as long as I can remember - macaroni, hamburger & tomato soup. Pizza is also a bunch of stuff all together as toppings, and though I am picky about what I get on a pizza, the fact that there are many things on it doesn't bother me.

The food touching thing does bother me too. I don't like it when my peas roll into/under my potatoes. I usually pull them out and put them back in their place.

The two things that are the most hilarious to watch me eat are mixed veggies and Neapolitan ice cream. Yes. I eat Neapolitan one flavor at a time, or as much as I can, depending on how mixed it is.

canadianicewolf said...

Another thing ot make a note of and put it in your file is that due to such eating issues, you generally have to book off a longer period of time to go to lunch/supper with liz than normal.


I learned the hard way in high school!


liz said...

I *knew* you'd bring that up. One of our more famous pieces of history, you & I!!! "Would you like a bottle? Are you sure you don't want a bottle?"

canadianicewolf said...

I'll still offer that bottle

liz said...


spirtswoosh said...

wow you two are complete opposite eaters and I'm the worst. Just throw it all together, doesn't matter what it is as long as it's stir fried somethin' it's good. mmm cardboard

canadianicewolf said...

Plus, he likes what I cook!!! And it's not a figment of hisimagination, though my family swears I can't/don't ever cook! hehe

mare said...

i've seen you cook! i vouch for your cooking abilities!

mare said...

hey, terri, you remember your open-faced pot-pie pizza when i visited you in halifax? ;) good times.

Cyn said...

I do exactly the same thing re: potatoes and peas. They're defiant little brats those peas. I've even been known to scrape the potatoes off the peas before eating that particular pea.

Soups and things that are supposed to have mixed veggies/foods are usually ok, but I do tend to be fairly picky with them. Rice should not touch other things on my plate, etc.