Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Things I can't believe

This is news?

Come on. Is this really a big enough deal to get up in arms over? Does Bush really care if women wear flip-flops to the White House? They are all dressed appropriately. There is very little difference between sandals and flip-flops.

Why does this constitute news? I have a hard time believing that wearing flip-flops to meet Paul Martin at Parliament would create an uproar. Any average person meeting Paul Martin in itself isn't even newsworthy, let alone what footwear they're wearing while they are at said meeting.

You shouldn't mess with The Joshua Tree

I was watching videos this morning over breakfast, as usual. On came Pras Michel, of Fugees and one-hit wonder "Ghetto Supastar" fame. Turns out he has a new cd. The single is called "Haven't Found". The chorus of his song uses U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. It was not sampling, but women singing the chorus. Reminiscent of Puff Daddy/P. Diddy.

WHY?!? Bono said this was ok? Can't people write original songs anymore? Step away from The Joshua Tree, please.

More time sucked from my life that I can't get back

I had a call at work this morning from someone who needed to vent, and they unfortunately chose me. 25 minutes he vented on me, saying the same things over & over again. Look buddy, I told you what I can/can't do. That's the end of the story. Thanks for wasting my time.


canadianicewolf said...

and thanks for the pissy mood too!!!

canadianicewolf said...

not you - your venting caller who passed his mood on to you. sorry to confuse!

Scott M. said...

From what I hear, the way it usually works is you register your song with the various rights management agencies around the world (it's called SOCAN here) and they ensure that your publishing company gets the royalties whenever someone records or performs the song for profit. You do not have any right to say who can and can't perform or record your song, although it is considered a courtesy to let the songwriter know if you are planning to record it and that you hope to release it as a single and make a big pile of money. I don't know if that same courtesy extends to sampling.

I would be surprised if Bono really minded covers of U2 songs, but I don't know the man. They were probably much more concerned about the sampling done by Negativland back in the 90s, because I guess that was done without paying royalties and the single looked like it was done by U2 etc.

mare said...

ha, flip flop flap. it's like being in dr. seuss.

bono's all into the technology now, as long as the artists get royalties, so he'd probably be ok with it. i'd have to hear what pras did - i like fugees, i'd be curious to hear his take. he's got an ear for a hook, so it might not be horrible. and it's not like u2 didn't go all gospel on their own songs from joshua tree on rattle & hum - they themselves placed their music in the context of the african-american musical tradition.

Lisa said...

Considering that flip-flops are the new sandal this year, I don't see what the big deal is. There are some very nice flip-flops right now. (Not that I would wear them; I can't handle the feel of something between my toes. Blah!)

Sorry about the cruddy call. Believe me, I know what that's like.

mare said...

flip-flops are not the same as a sandal, and there are some situations where one should not wear an open-toed shoe regardless. maybe i've been working with deb g too long, but that just seems to be common sense.

mind you, i wear mine pretty well everywhere. but i wouldn't to meet paul martin. because that would be a big deal. i certainly dressed up to be in the house of commons. there's a protocol to meeting heads of state, and those girls shoudl have been informed of what is and is not appropriate for such a formal environment.

Cyn said...

We've just had the flip-flop argument at work. One of the guys has a pair of flip flops that actually are more like sandals. He checked with HR and verified taht they would be ok for casual days. Then he got CHEWED bigtime by a supervisor on the floor about wearing them! Then again... she's the same moron that I've had trouble with over the last year... Grrr. But really... I think flip flops should be allowed. That's my vote - and I don't even wear the darned things.