Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The end of February to a Canadian adult

usually means RRSP deadline. Having done my taxes this past weekend, I realized I could increase my refund by making a contribution, so today I headed over to the bank. Since I also took advantage of the Home Buyers' Plan when I first bought my house, now that the 2 year mark is almost up, I have to start repaying my RRSP for that money I borrowed. I set up an automatic contribution that will repay the HBP in half the time. Yay, I'm so responsible. Feeling slightly poor now after that lump sum contribution, but my refund should pretty much replenish what I spent. Then I get to start paying back the loan for my lawn installation.

[p.s. People who "spend money like it's water," as you so nicely put it, aren't usually known for looking after their debt or making retirement savings contributions. Yet again, you are wrong about me.]

My weekend was pretty slack. Friday night I got a phone call from T-L and Van who needed help with a laptop, so I went over and paid them a visit. My friends in need win out over my hatred of Dell laptops, but man do I hate Dell laptops. Actually, all laptops seem to be giving me a hard time the past few weeks. I've had one user kill 2 laptops in the past month.

Saturday I slept in and then headed to get my much-needed haircut. Shorter styles demand attention more regularly to look decent. After that was done, I dropped in to see Joanne so I could give her the Tupperware from Jenn that was initially supposed to be given to her at the gang's xmas party. Little late, but did get that done finally. Was also nice to see her and catch up a bit. We both agree that we miss the regularity of Friday night karaoke, and being able to see at least someone every week. Ah, the good old days.

I also went to church on Saturday as usual. Nice to be back in my own church, though I did find a reasonable substitute in SoCal. I am just not crazy about their tendency to hold hands during the Lord's Prayer.

I basically didn't leave the house between Saturday night and Monday morning. Wasn't crazy about going out into the high wind chill and didn't really have any reason to anyway. Spent time chatting with John, of course. Sunday afternoon began with a search for my notice of assessment from the government, and that search turned into a full-fledged paper cleanup of my office -- something I had been putting off, well, since before I moved into my house. It was good to finally get that done, but I didn't find the letter I was originally looking for. I then decided to sign up for an online account with CCRA, as I could likely get the info I needed online. That's when I found out the gov't still thought I lived uptown. Despite having entered my new address on my T1 last year; I guess that wasn't enough. Elections Canada knew I had moved, but apparently CCRA did not; kind of odd seeing as how Elections Canada got my new address from my tax return. So there was my answer -- I didn't get the letter in the first place. Nor my tax package, nor my info on HBP repayment. Supposedly they'll now send out whatever had bounced back over the past year.

I was really saddened to read the Obituaries today and find listed someone I went to high school with. I didn't know her that well, we were just acquaintances, but I feel terrible that she's gone, having left behind a husband and a less than 2 year old son. Her husband was driving and their car left the highway and overturned in the median. She died instantly, and her husband and son were treated & released. Thoughts & prayers go out to her friends & family.

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spirtswoosh said...

Thx once again for your time and patience with the laptop. It's up and running fine again and hey dell lost out as I didn't buy the replacement parts from them.