Monday, February 13, 2006


I am home. Actually plane arrived on time and with no problems. The drive home however was the nastiest I've ever been through. Thankfully my dad was there to pick me up.

I feel like a sack of crap for at least 4 separate reasons. Jetlag is a killer, though I am doing better this morning compared to when I first landed in SoCal.

Will post more later.


mare said...

i find flying in this direction (to the east) much easier than flying the other way, jetlag wise.

hope you're feeling better!

canadianicewolf said...

Glad to know you made it home safe and sound and that the plane ride was the least of the problems!

Also glad to hear that jetlag this way is a little easier to handle! Are you working today?!

liz said...

Yeah, I'm working. I'm barely conscious, but I'm working.

canadianicewolf said...

Crazy woman! But, it was good you were able to squeak every last second together out of it! :)

Chris L said...

Glad you had a safe flight. It was great to meet you, even though Cynthia and I didn't get to spend as much time with you as we would have liked.

BTW, Whistler was beautiful and warm (~ 5C) the whole time we were there.

Looking forward to your next So Cal trip.

Shawn said...

Good to hear you made it back safe and sound! Can't wait to hear more about the trip.