Friday, February 03, 2006


Just hanging at the gate, waiting for my first flight. Took me all of 10 seconds to get through security, but I had to wait forever behind people who were not prepared.

If you're taking a flight nowadays, you should know that it's a hell of a lot easier to not wear anything metal and to have you jacket off and laptop out of the case and ready to go. Apparently people still don't understand this. You could save yourself (and your fellow passengers) a lot of time if you approached the gate prepared.

I have a weird mix of clothing on today. Summer jacket & sneakers, but with a scarf, hat and fleece gloves. Figured I didn't want to be cold while I shuttle between terminal 1 & 2 at Pearson.

I also woke up with a slight sub-par feeling of potential cold. Took some Advil c&s and hopefully that will get me back on track. Plan on getting as much sleep as I can on the flights too.

Just about to board on the first leg of my cross-continental adventure! More from the T-dot when I land.


canadianicewolf said...

Prepared - I swear, that's your middle name! That's a good thing! continued good luck with your travels!

Chris W. said...

Have a great time!

KC said...

Enjoy, relax, soak up the sunshine! No work. All play. :)

mare said...

have fun liz! :)