Friday, February 03, 2006


They told me that it's "always sunny in SoCal". I landed in... (Drum roll please)... Fog. Yup, fog. Now it truly is like summer in SJ. Traffic isn't really that bad, and by that I mean it's moving. John says we're making good time and it may only take 2h, ooooo!

My flight to LA was slightly annoying. It seemed to be a flight full of seniors. One of them had the phlegm-y old man cough, you know, the kind that when you hear it, it makes you want to hurl. The man in front of me spent the whole flight with his seat practically in my lap, it was back so far. (Ooooo! IKEA!). The guy behind me felt like he was shaking my chair the whole time. Anyway, I did manage to get a couple hours of sleep.

John says travelling 35mph consistently is boggling to him. Says he to the girl who lives in a place where it takes 20min to get home from the airport, no matter what time of day.

Anyway, better get back to paying attention to the bf. He says we're roughly halfway home now. Only 9:30pm now. Hope I can stay up for at least another 5h.


mare said...

ha! fog! that's hilarious.

hope you're having fun. :) relax! it's "sunny" so-cal!

Cyn said...

Glad he's collected ya safely! Enjoy your week of vacation - you deserve it by now - and the time there with John. Yay for you on vacation! (:

Lisa said...

Good to see you made it in one piece. If it makes you feel better, Anthony landed in Miami to rain and fog while we were having one of the warmest spring days ever. Yup, +10 in February. Aw yeah. ^_^

Have a blast! I'm looking forward to more updates!