Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rob Thomas

is coming to Harbour Station. Anyone interested in going?

Tickets go on sale Saturday and I won't be here to buy them, but I want to go.

In other concert news, I bought a ticket to see Collective Soul in Fredericton on March 2nd. I like their stuff, so I thought I'd give their live show a try.

UPDATE: Just read that Anna Nalick is Rob's opening act. Lemme know if you want to go. I need a seat buddy/someone to buy the tickets so I don't have to wake up for 6am Pacific and go online.


Dre said...

I saw Matchbox 20 in concert. They were awesome -Rob Thomas has a wonderful stage presence. No doubt it'll be a great show!

mare said...

yeah, that was a great show. everyone under the age of 35 in southern new brunswick seemed to be there! we had kick-ass seats for that one too.

Lisa said...

I'd like to go. I enjoy Rob Thomas. ^_^