Friday, February 03, 2006


After getting on the plane in SJ, of course someone was in my seat. Apparently this person is illiterate because your boarding pass lists your seat number above the word "seat", not "airline usage". Anyway, she had so much stuff with her that she just said do you want my seat? I said sure, so I ended up in row 3 instead of 12. Sat beside a guy from OC who was up to work on the refinery expansion.

Got through the whole Pearson terminal change and customs with no problem. Am now just sitting at the gate for LAX eating my PB&J and waiting for the boarding call. Just enough time between flights, not much to spare but I didn't have to rush, which was nice. Actually, as I walked up to the luggage area to get my bag and go through customs, my bag was just coming off the conveyor belt as I arrived. What timing!

Pre-boarding call. Better finish eating and get ready to board. More after I land in LA, no doubt I'll have lots of time sitting in traffic to blog.

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