Tuesday, February 07, 2006

SoCal pics

My foggy arrival

John's apartment complex (only a small section of it)

John and Caly, who looks rather Felix-ish, but minus the surly

Jenn! Broadway AND shoes!

Fashion Island in Newport

Entrance to Fashion Island. Pretty swank entrance to a mall.

Fashion Island

"Affordable" condos

Target's parking lot. Kind of swank for Target.

Palm Springs

The Chuck Jones Gallery, which John tried to take me to today but their phone message lied when it said they were open on Tuesdays.

A purple tea house!

The Pacific Ocean, at Corona del Mar beach

Houses on the cliffs at Corona del Mar


Shawn said...

That's absolutely beautiful! Hope you're taking full advantage of it! Enjoy the rest of the stay Liz!

Scott Thomas said...

They have an island for fashion...hmmm...I wonder if that is also know as ALCATRAZ!!! DA DA DAHHH!!! Oh hell, all stores feel like prisons to me. Except IKEA.

canadianicewolf said...

wow!! I love it from the pics!! Yuo're right - there is lots of green! the Off Broadway and shoes is hysterical!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Rosyphant said...

Hooray for Broadway Shoes,
Da, da, da, da, da, da, da,
Broadway shoes…..

scum said...

All those nice pcs, and I'm taking away... "Damn, that's a LOT of cat!"

John said...

We actually weighed Caly and she is currently coming in at 19.5 lbs.

Yeah-- a lotta cat!! It is particularly exciting when she leaps onto you while you are sleeping in bed.

Lisa said...

I love the palm trees; they seem so exotic, but I've only been south twice in my life.

It's great that you're having fun, but we miss you!