Tuesday, April 17, 2007

3 weeks and still going!

I just reached the end of week 3 of my cold, do I win any kind of award?  I am getting better, honest.  I'm down to only coughing when I have to talk for a while, and last night I didn't wake up coughing or have to hack anything up.  I am still feeling pretty exhausted though.  Some day, I will be well again.
My Dad's been very busy, and as a result, hasn't had time to install a sump pump for me in my basement.  It rained all day yesterday, the ground is still hard, and the water table is high... you do the math.  Dad came over last night to have a look and we did manage to uncap a pipe and get some water flowing back out again, but couldn't get the cap off another pipe.  He just called and said he had 2 sump pumps being shipped up.  Not much we can do until it stops raining and dries up, then we can get it/them installed.  We may put two pumps in, on opposing corners of the basement.
I'm all set for my lawn care this year.  I'm sticking with the same people who did my mowing last year, and also getting them to do the fertilizer & weed killer.  I had two separate companies doing those jobs last year, and the fertilizing/weed killing was costing a fortune.  By combining it with lawn mowing, I can get a better price.  It's also a lot cheaper because it's a smaller company with lower prices vs a larger business who seem to charge a premium for those services.  I'm looking forward to spending a little bit less on that this year.  I'm glad this is all arranged before the start of the season, so I'm not calling around trying to find someone after their schedules are booked up.  Fertilizing is going to start around the beginning of May, and mowing around mid-May, dependent on weather.
Speaking of weather, enough with the below-average temperatures already.  It's barely warm enough to rain.  I'd like to be able to stop wearing my winter coat.


Lisa said...

Have you seen your doctor yet? It may be time for some prescription antibiotics.

As for the weather, I hear you! I think spring forgot to relieve winter from his shift. :-P

liz said...

If I still had a sore throat, then I definitely would have gone to the doctor. I did try to go to the doctor 2 weeks ago but she was out with the flu. I figured I'd be better by the time I'd be able to get in to see her. I am on the mend, it's just taking 3x as long as usual.