Friday, April 20, 2007


On my lunchhour yesterday, I had purchased a departmental afternoon treat of ketchup chips, so I wasn't very hungry when I got home last night. I did a few things on my PC, then sat and had a choice to make: do I sit on/get sucked into the couch tonight, or do I go down to the basement and get some things done? I decided to choose the basement.

I managed to transfer books into 5-6 plastic bins, and organized by author. I still have a couple of boxes of knick-knacks, misc books and papers to go through, but most of the books are done. I wish I had my bookcases back (they had to be thrown out after they got too moldy from the first flood), but there's not much sense in buying bookcases until I get the basement issues sorted out.

I also bagged up the clothing I wanted to donate, but I still need to go through my closet and be a little more picky about items that I don't wear.

Definitely some progress made last night. I hope to continue it this weekend and get it done. I do have some plans for this weekend, though. My older brother is coming down tomorrow to do some wiring in my Dad's new house. My aunt, uncle, cousin & wife are coming up this weekend as well. Since we will all be here, we're taking my grandfather out for birthday supper. His actual birthday is next Saturday.

I am hoping to break out the BBQ this weekend too. I'm looking forward to having John do some grilling when he gets here (3 weeks to go).

I'm guessing this is a no, but I will ask the question just in case: Does anyone want a copy of Anne of Green Gables & the sequel on VHS? If you want them, they're yours. I upgraded to DVD a couple of months ago.

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