Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend & Monday

I had a fairly decent weekend. Friday night I watched TV and talked to John on the phone.

Saturday was such a beautiful day that I wanted to be outside in some fashion. I spent some time taking out my driveway markers, pulling the compost bin around the yard to pick up branches, and picked up garbage that had made its way onto my property. Before going outside, I spent some more time in the basement, doing some more keep/toss/donate. I went to church as usual, then off to dinner with my grandfather, Dad, stepmother, aunt, uncle, cousin & wife, and my two brothers. My older brother made a quick trip down this weekend to do some audio wiring at my Dad's house. We celebrated my grandfather's upcoming birthday and afterward spent some time at his house. Afterward I came home and watched some TV. John wasn't feeling well and we didn't get to chat.

Sunday meant I had a lot left to do. I wanted to get my grandfather's tax return done right away, so he would know if he owed or was getting a refund; it was the latter. I had laundry to do. I also wanted to continue with the basement organization. I worked away at that for a while, and then my Dad and brother came over to start drilling the hole for the sump pump. I now have a big hole in the basement and the pump is ready to be installed. Dad still has to come back with some additional materials to finish the job. After the work was done, my brother went back to my mom's to shower, then we ordered Chinese food for the three of us and had dinner together.

I went to the dentist today for my checkup and cleaning. No cavities and they told me my gums were looking better than usual.

Tonight my mom came over and I helped her with a written report she needed to do for a training course. In exchange, I got a bag of ketchup chips and she took 4 items to iron for me (she has an obsession with ironing). Everyone wins.

Today at work was very frustrating. Work would be a lot less stressful if you were allowed to tell people off. Incident #1 involved wasted time. That makes me angry. The second incident involved someone masking their criticism with attempts at humor. I often bring my or my mother's baking in to work so it will be eaten instead of going to waste (or eating all of it myself). I don't do it every week, but maybe a couple of times a month. On repeated occasions, one of my co-workers has made comments like "I wish you hadn't brought that in" while smiling and making it sound like a joke. Today's comment was: "There's the culprit. I should string you up by your..." It was said with what she thought was humor, but after hearing so many of these comments, combined with her previous comments telling me I was too thin and needed to eat more, I had had enough. I turned around and said to her, "It's not like I'm shoving it down your throat. It's up to you whether you eat it or not."

This woman obviously has food/weight issues; I am not insensitive to this. I don't walk into her office and sit and eat cake in front of her. I don't do anything to purposefully make her feel bad. I am just very frustrated that I can't bring in food without her being all passive-aggressive at me. I feel like she thinks I'm the devil because I'm skinny and bring in cake. I'm sorry if you find it tempting and it doesn't fit into your diet, but that is something you need to address by yourself without criticizing others. If you can't stand the cake, get out of the kitchen.

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