Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Car Search: Part 1

My car is ending its lease next month. I have two choices: buy out the lease; or lease/purchase a new car. I am now starting to look at new cars to see if there are any that I prefer over my current car.

Find a sporty sedan, similar to my current Grand Am GT. Must be a GM vehicle so I can apply my credits toward the lease/purchase. Want XM factory installed. Don't want to lose any features I already have.

Saturn Aura

I started my car search on Tuesday by stopping by the Saturn dealership. I specifically wanted to look at the Saturn Aura, recently awarded North American Car Of The Year. I asked about the hybrid model, but that is not going to be available until the fall. It is also going to be a 4 cylinder vehicle, which is a step down from what I have now, and not what I'd prefer.

I liked the fact that it has won an award. It also seemed very roomy on the inside. The seats were comfortable. Windows were built to reduce road noise.

It seemed very blah on the inside; I found it boring. It struck me as a good family sedan, but it didn't feel like "me". I'm not ready to settle down yet when it comes to my car.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Liz, no pressure, but just thought I'd mention that if you happen to be looking for a car from Aberdeen Motors, ask for my Dad (Dave); he works there, he'll make sure you get a good deal.