Monday, April 02, 2007

Making up for lost time

I had successfully made it through this winter without getting sick or taking a sick day... until last week. My sore throat started last Tuesday morning and is still scratchy a week later. The norm for me is usually a couple of days of sore throat, then it breaks and I am into a massive head cold. That has not yet happened, and I am still stuck in scratchy throat stage. I left work around 2:30 this afternoon and came home. I probably shouldn't have gone in at all.

Fearing some kind of infection from the fact that it has lasted this long, I called my doctor's office on the off chance there might have been a cancellation today. Ironically, my doctor called in sick with the flu. I am not the kind of person who requests medicine every time I get sick, but this just doesn't seem right based on how I usually react. I may try and get an appointment with the clinic tomorrow if I am still feeling the same. I am just not getting any better at all. My only change has been from shooting pain in my throat to scratchiness. Other than that, I am exhausted all the time, have no energy, have a slight nagging cough, and just feel generally miserable.

I've gone ahead and kept planning for JCS night this Friday... surely I'll be better by then?

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Cyn said...

Ugh, hope you feel better soon! It sucks when sick drags on and on and on and on.