Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Going postal

Having had many comments from people saying they couldn't find my postal code online, I called Canada Post last December to ask if it could be remedied. I spoke with someone at the Rothesay Ave post office, who understood my issue, and we chatted for a few minutes on exactly where my house was located. He said he would submit a request to have me added in, but mentioned it may take a month or two to show up because the database is only updated monthly.

I am working on some address clarifications for work today, so I decided to check and see if it had been fixed yet. Lo and behold, I now exist! Yay! A big thank you to the man who followed through on his promise.

Now if I could just get my letter carrier to realize that my neighbors' mail doesn't belong in my mailbox, I'll be all set. This seems to be an issue, for some reason, as I repeatedly get my next door neighbors' mail. Their last name is sort of close to mine, but I have also gotten mail for my neighbors two doors down, who have a very different last name. I think he's not reading the street numbers properly, and is just getting everything mixed up. This only started happening in the last few months. The letter carrier I had when I first moved in came to my door to drop off a parcel and seemed very attentive to names, so I am guessing he's either moved on to another route, or he takes vacation and I get stuck with the person who isn't as detail-oriented. I've been considering sticking a label inside my mailbox with my house number and last name on it, but the last thing you want to do is piss off your letter carrier.

I guess for now I will continue to walk next door and drop off my neighbors' mail. I don't mind doing that, but many of us don't have mailboxes on our houses because our mail comes to group boxes. I'm always worried the mail I leave on their doorstep (if they don't answer the doorbell) will fly away, so I try to prop it under something heavy. I have a rock on my doorstep for that purpose. I may have to donate a rock with my next mail delivery.

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