Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Birthday John!

A big

to John! Today he is old enough to join the ranks of these guys but as I keep telling him, you can't be president of the US while living in Canada. They frown on that sort of thing.

Caly also wishes you a happy birthday and is sorry for puking on the floor 3 times last night, and the incessant peeing "ever since SHE's been gone."

Good luck at sweeps tonight

Win lots of
and be as happy as this guy seems to be

p.s. I love you


Lisa said...

Happy B-Day John!! ^_^

canadianicewolf said...

Yaaay!!! Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy!

John said...

I love you, too. er... that's to my fiancee, not to T-L and/or Lisa, who both have men of their own who, I am sure, love each of them very much.

I'll just stop talking now. This hole I've dug is looking very deep. I can hear an echo.


Thanx, all.

Cyn said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

This post is so cute! I love it! Happy, happy birthday, John! - Daralee