Thursday, April 20, 2006


I am home, just wading through the stuff waiting for me at the office. People here were pretty excited to get my news, one lady was almost in tears she was so happy for me.

I had a large post written on my Blackberry which I then accidentally deleted, otherwise you'd be reading about the rest of my trip. I'll re-write things tonight.

Not feeling too bad this morning, but I usually have a much easier time adjusting to coming east.


Shawn said...

Holy!! Big Congrats Liz!! I was so out of the loop this week! I'm really happy for you both, and so glad everything seems to be coming together. The news definately put a bright spot on an otherwise dreary day at the office!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes, Liz! I couldn't post on John's site, I had some kind of error, but here's to both of your happiness on this joyous announcement! (Geez, I sound like a Hallmark card.) :P

Anonymous said...

Ooops, that previous post was me -- Jaybird