Friday, April 14, 2006

Land of the Stroller

A happy Good Friday to you all, though to most of you it's just a free day off. For me, I am off to church this afternoon. A work friend of John's is coming by to pick me up and go with me.

Here it's just another Friday. Not wanting to cater to one religious group over another, no one has the day off, but if you have to go to a church service, they let you have the time off work so they aren't sued. It's the American way. I'm glad that I still have the day off at home. It helps with the solemnity of the day for it not to be like any other day.

I am just hanging out at home this morning, doing laundry. I was going to head across the street to Target & the grocery store, but it started to pour rain. I have my umbrella with me, but my enthusiasm for walking in the rain is lacking right now, so I just decided to stay in until it's time to go to church.

Yesterday was the visit to Disneyland, or as I have re-named it, the Land of the Stroller. The single largest gathering of strollers I have ever seen. By the end of the day, if I saw one more stroller in my way or bumping into me... *shakes fist. What Walt didn't keep in mind when he declared Disneyland the "happiest place in the world" was that there would eventually be a day when there are too many people in one spot. Spring Break (not allowed to call it Easter break) is this week in SoCal and Disneyland was PACKED. Some rides had 2-3h waits. Others weren't so bad, but was still 30-45 minutes in a line for a 5 min ride. It made for a long day of walking. I didn't bring my pedometer with me, but I'm damn sure I walked more than 10,000 steps yesterday.

It's funny, but I found Disneyland a bit more disorganized than DisneyWorld. I don't remember DisneyWorld being as hard to get around in as Disneyland was. Granted, World is newer than Land and thus they would have had more experience to plan it. What I really don't understand is how my older brother is able to go to Universal in Florida and spend multiple days there. One day, sure, it's fun. If he could, he'd spend a week there. I just don't get it.

Anyway, despite the long lines and long day on my feet I had a good time. John's sister, her husband and son arrived at the apartment first, with his mom following a bit later to pick me up. I wasn't expecting presents but they each came bearing gifts. His sister (editor of Teddy Bear and Friends Magazine) brought me the 25th anniversary Snuffles -- I was speechless. John had sent her the picture of my Wall of Snuffles, and she got this one for me. I was really touched. Since I bought my house I've had to curb the Snuffles collecting. His mom arrived and gave me a cream-colored shawl that she had crocheted and it's really beautiful.

We arrived at the park and met up with John's aunt, uncle & 5 kids. This made us a group of 12... we really could have used matching shirts :) I passed the quiz by remembering everyone's name, only needing one reminder. His cousins range in age from 16-3, and I have to say, they put my cousins to shame. They're really great kids, not whiny and spoiled. Everyone I met yesterday was really nice. John has a great family.

John left work and met us for supper at Downtown Disney, where there are shops & restaurants and you don't have to pay the park fee to come in. We ate at ESPNZone as it had a shorter wait time than the jungle restaurant. We were such a large group that they ended up putting us in a separate room, and we had a nice meal. After that, the crew headed back into the park, and John, his mom and I all headed for home.

Here are some pics I took throughout the day, and some that John's mom took for me with my camera.

The castle, which after seeing the castle at DisneyWorld, looks a lot smaller :)

The Matterhorn, which I thought was a fun ride, after I regained my hearing due to the people behind us who insisted on screaming as loud as possible, complaining at it to speed up, and then at the end saying it was lame and sucked.

More pics in a bit, I just realized it's almost time for church and I have to get ready.

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