Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Well, I'm glad I wasn't in a hurry to clear customs in Montreal. We landed in plenty of time, flight was only an hour and a half really. The holdup was waiting for connecting bags.

This is the first time in a while that I've come through Montreal on my way to the US. Usually I end up going through Toronto. The connecting baggage conveyor belt is about the same size as the one at home (read: damn small). I lost count of the number of times the damn thing stopped and started to load luggage. For a major airport, that size belt just doesn't cut it. Especially when the tour group of Quebec teenagers showed up and swarmed the belt.

Anyway, after somewhere between 20-30 minutes of standing there waiting for my bag, it finally appeared. So far so good on the dirt factor. They also had men loading bags back on the belt so that saved me from wrangling it. I also got a "how you doin'" from the baggage guys. :) I smiled and thanked them for the baggage help. Other than that, mind too busy with thoughts of boyfriend. :)

After that I had to go through security again. I finished up there and walked past a room labelled "Reconciliation Room." Just in time for Holy Week, the airports are offering confessions! How nice is that? :P

Also walked past the gate for Reagan National. Whole other separate set of security. I knew about it, of course, had just never seen the extra setup myself.

Didn't manage to get much sleep on my first flight, despite having the seat beside me empty, because it was too noisy. Propeller planes will do that. My teeth were chattering and my earplugs made the vibration noises of the plane even worse. I did doze off a couple of times, but I'm looking forward to getting some more sleep on this flight. This one is 6h long.

Boarding soon, more from LA. Since it would take 2h each direction for John to come and pick me up, we decided I would take a shuttle rather than him take a half-day off work. So the Super Shuttle will be delivering me from LAX to John's door. Frankly, if I was him, I don't know how I'd get any work done today, I'd be looking out the window seeing if the van was there yet. Hope you get something done before I get there. :)

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