Thursday, April 06, 2006

Not much, really

Haven't been up to that much. Pretty much just going to work and then coming home, reading job-related non-fiction, falling asleep, then waking up in time to chat with John. The time change seems to be making me tired, that or the stuff I'm reading is boring. Likely both.

My brother's visit on Saturday was quick but good. I had a hair appointment for that day but cancelled it in case they were going to drop by in the afternoon. Plans changed a few times, but eventually I headed off to church, and then met up with my family at The Falls for dinner. After dinner everyone came back to my place, where we chatted and I got to see the wedding pictures. My SIL said I was very photogenic and looked great in all the pics. I could still see my creepy red eye, but I was specifically looking for it, so I guess in the end it wasn't that bad. Hopefully my brother will get some time to scan some of them in. Need another pic to add to the bridesmaid pile ;) I also recently found out that I've finally made the leap and on my 10th wedding appearance, next summer, I will achieve maid of honor status. My career is advancing! From flower girl to junior bridesmaid to bridesmaid to maid of honor. For all your wedding attendant needs, call Liz! 25 years of experience! Book now!

As of right now, unless plans change, next year's dress will be blue. I've worn seafoam green, pink, mauve, forest green, red... I think this will be my first blue bridesmaid's dress. I wore that blue dress when I was the guest book minder, but that wasn't a bridesmaid's dress.

After my family left it was only 10:30, so I called over to Jenn & Stew's to see if people were still hanging out. I headed over there in time to see people, which was nice. With my brother being in town I had to miss out on part of the evening, but thankfully I got to see people later on.

John and I have been in contact with a lawyer about immigration. We decided there were too many variables and complications to our situation to handle on our own. We want to be sure that when he moves here, we don't have too many surprises. So if we have to spend some money getting that assurance, I'm ok with it. We hope to be able to talk to the lawyer tomorrow and maybe get some answers to some outstanding questions.

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