Thursday, April 13, 2006


My flight between Montreal and LA was fairly uneventful. I slept or rested my eyes most of the way.

Got off the plane and headed for the Super Shuttle. Between the traffic and the accent of my driver, it made it difficult for me to understand him when he asked if I was going to Irvine, but we got that sorted out and managed to get myself on the right bus. Despite having a reservation, they couldn't seem to find my file, so when we arrived at John's apartment and he came down to meet me, he had to go back up and dig around for the confirmation number on the reservation. Finally found that, and then we were able to head up to the apartment.

He waited to take lunch until I arrived, so we sat curled up for a while just talking and glad to finally be back together.

John had to resume working, so I got up to unpack a few things. After a few minutes of that I started to feel pretty wonky, so I laid down for a nap. John grilled us some chicken with some KD on the side for supper so I got up to eat. Managed to not pass out at the dinner table but still wasn't feeling so great, so I stayed home while he went to bowling. He just got back and is sitting behind me blogging about his spectacular night. He's pretty excited as tonight determined their position.

I woke up a bit ago when Caly came in to join me on the bed. Caly is not one to want to miss out on any kind of activity involving sleep. She curled up with me for quite a while. She hasn't been giving me that Look of Fear like last time, and came around me within the first hour of me being here, so she must remember me in some fashion. While we were hanging out on the bed, Caly decided she missed John, and meandered over to curl up with his pants. It was even funnier when she was rubbing her head all over, but I couldn't quite get that on camera - every time I moved the camera she became fascinated with that.

So that's it from here, I am up again for a while in an attempt to be able to sleep through the night. Tomorrow is Disneyland and hopefully I'll be a bit more adjusted than I was last time I saw his mom :) I'll be seeing her again, and meeting his sister Mindy, nephew Jack, brother in-law Scott, Uncle Fred, Aunt Wendy, and their 4 kids, all while John is at work. He'll meet us after work for dinner at a yet-to-be-determined location. Originally it was going to be Medieval Times, but than plan has changed.

Caly is posing again. As you can see, she hasn't lost any weight :)


canadianicewolf said...

Hope you get some good sleep, feel better in the morning and have some fun!! I'm glad that the trip was uneventful and that the shuttle wasn't such a bad option.

mare said...

caly is totally felix's twin. especially in the bottom very felix pose.

Lisa said...

That is one fat, happy kitty! What a cutie. :)

Glad to read you made it all in one piece. Jet lag is a real pain in the toosh though. Have fun!

Joanne said...

Have a great time, hopefully you'll feel much better.

Oh and what a cute cat!!!

liz said...

I did get some more sleep last night, but woke up around 4am again. Managed to force myself to rest some more.

Don't feel too bad today, especially compared to my last trip.

Caly does look like Felix, minus the surly, and she's a bit lighter in color. She's currently on the bed, totally under the covers, and will remain there for the rest of the day. What a cat. I have to admit I missed her.

The shuttle was ok, but what I'd really like to do next time I come out is be able to fly into a closer airport. John Wayne Airport is only 8-10 miles away from here and John could easily leave work and pick me up. I just can't seem to get a points ticket to there because they're always gone. But, next trip is John's turn, either for a visit or for good, so I don't need to worry about my next trip just yet.