Thursday, April 06, 2006

Luggage dilemma

6 days to go and I am headed back to SoCal. I haven't started packing yet. I have extra stuff to take this time, considering I'm attending a wedding.

I'm having a dilemma with my luggage. I have luggage, it's in good shape, there's nothing really wrong with it other than the fact that it's too damn heavy. When I travel, it's usually by myself. A lot of the time I travel to the US, to see John or for work, which means I always have to handle my own luggage through customs. I am not known for packing light, I'll admit that adds to the problem. But when your luggage weighs 13lbs (≈6kg) before even putting anything in it, that just makes it suck even worse. So, my dilemma is, do I invest in luggage I can actually carry and manoeuver more easily on my own, or do I just deal with what I have? The problem is that I really don't do that much traveling. But when I do, it's a killer to have to carry my own luggage. I've thought about spiltting it up between 2 bags, but that's even more annoying when you have to carry/wheel it down a hall in an airport. I'd rather deal with one bag.

My luggage right now is red. Distinctive enough, but red is becoming the new black. What I really want is purple luggage -- this is me, after all. But really, it's a darker color, so it won't show the dirt as much, and not many people have purple luggage.

I'm not sure what to do. As of right now, I know I will [likely] be traveling 3 times, all to the US, over the next 6 months; next week plus two times for work. Do I spend the money, or just put up with what I have?


scum said...

Keep the luggage, do some weight training. :) Do you ever get near the 50lb max with your current luggage? If not, then lighter luggage may well be worth it. I don't know how much the stuff usually weighs though.

mare said...

i think you should change the luggage. you have been doing a lot more travel as of late, it will get used.

in addition, i can't make jcs after all as marks are due next week... sorry.

Lisa said...

I would probably get the new luggage. Something with wheels. If you know you are going to be doing a lot of travelling, it would definately be worth it. Besides, good luggage is never a bad investment.