Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Here I am, at the airport once again. I woke up at 4:30am and Dad picked me up just after 5. I'm pretty tired this morning. Got about 5h of sleep last night. Hope to be able to get as much sleep as I can on the plane.

I did web check-in last night, and while SJ airport isn't that busy, it really comes in handy when you're headed for a large airport. Last time I was away, I did web check-in before we left John's apartment. I avoided a long line and had the security of knowing that I already had my boarding pass. Very handy.

I can't believe it's here already, that it's time to go away again. You think it will never get here, and then there is the rush of packing and preparing, and all of a sudden it's time to go. I'm excited to be able to see John again. We never have enough time together.

Dad told me that Air Canada is no longer flying jets from here to Montreal. All of the flights are now Dash-8s. Doubles the flight time from 1h to 2h. *sigh. I guess I should be thankful that there are any flights out of here, since it's not exactly a money-making run.

Both my carry-on and luggage are new for this trip. My new luggage hasn't gotten much of a test run just yet - the true test for that will be in Montreal when I clear customs. I recently got a new laptop for work, and with it I got a backpack for it instead of a traditional laptop bag. So far I am really enjoying it. There are a lot more pockets, nooks and crannies in which to put things. The laptop itself is 6 lbs, so if I'm going to lug that around, no sense in wrecking my shoulder.

Couldn't avoid taking the laptop with me this time, as my co-worker who is filling in for me is on her own with no one else in the office who could help until Tuesday. This means I have to be a little more accessible to work on this trip, unfortunately. Oh well, I am not in as desperate a need for a break as I was last time :)

They just called pre-boarding, so I guess I'd better pack up. More later from Montreal.

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