Friday, April 21, 2006

Wedding comments

For the record:
  • We have not set a date nor do we even have a vague idea of when it will be
  • We don't know where it will be held, be it here, SoCal, or other location
  • We don't know what venue it will be held in, be it a church, city hall, etc
  • We're in no rush to plan anything about the wedding, as we've got our hands full with moving, immigration, etc.
  • Yes, I know what I'm doing. No, it's not happening too fast. We're engaged, not running off to Vegas.
  • That is a picture of my actual ring on the proposal post, it just looks a little lighter due to the camera. I will GLADLY show you in person, just ask :)
There are only a couple of things I can say about it with any assurance. I do want a wedding dress, and the color brown will never be involved in my wedding. :)

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank everyone for their well-wishes. I've been a bit swamped upon returning home, but I really appreciate the comments from those who are happy to hear the news.


Anonymous said...

Can I see your ring?


liz said...


Lisa said...

Hey, Vegas... :-P

suzy said...

When you are looking at finalizing details, just keep in mind that I can do your cake for cost. For you to consider...

Lisa said...

*cough*shameless plug*cough* ~_^