Saturday, April 01, 2006

Nothing says Easter like

a hollow chocolate Grave Digger monster truck. Seriously. This was in this week's Zellers flyer.

My nephew would love this. Coincidentally, Grave Digger is doing a show tonight in London, ON. Somehow I don't think his mother will be taking him to a monster truck show :P

I guess bunnies no more signify Easter than a monster truck. Seeing as how I can't eat food shaped like animals, I guess that makes the monster truck more edible to me.

On reflection, I do find the thought of eating a monster truck disturbing as well. I like to think of Grave Digger as "indestructible" - sort of like George, my old truck. Eating the chocolate Grave Digger would destroy it. I don't think I can handle that responsibility.

Anyone looking to buy me Easter chocolate, you'd best stick with eggs. Or See's Peanut Brittle Bars. John's mom gave me a box of these and I'm hooked. And no, this is not a hint. I still haven't finished the chocolate I brought back from my last trip!!


Scott M. said...

Sweet, I am totally getting a chocolate Gravedigger for Jack for Easter. He will probably have the same dilemma as to whether or not he can bring himself to eat it though.

mare said...

ha, i just pointed out this entry to scott, and he said "yeah, i commented on it, by the way, we have to stop at zellers".

Scott Thomas said...

Theres something only a little hilarious about having the name Grave Digger used for a product in some way associated to easter. Ahh I love our society, with its modern ways and all