Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Blog goes on

So I see you all carried on a conversation on my blog while I was away today. Nice to see it being a social hotspot in my absence ;)

Had a busy stressful morning this morning but after I headed out of town, things started to go my way. Tonight went well and I was back at the hotel not long after 9pm. Will spend tomorrow morning here and then head back home. But not before mandatory stops at Costco and Leonidas :)


Rosyphant said...

Liz and Leonidas...
My lifesavers :)

Cyn said...

Glad you've had a relatively decent day! We all need those now and then. (:

peto said...

but, getting tired of keeping your numbers up. Give me a visit once in a while babe ;-)

peto said...

Liz... Please say YES to saving Festival by the Sea

mare said...

mmmmm leonidas. :d

liz said...

Louise Dark = heaven

p.s. I ain't nobody's "babe"

peto said...

i guess i got my answer :-(
babe is not meant as 'negative', sorry honey ;-)

John said...

Just keep digging that hole deeper...

mare said...

pretty much, john.

i don't like random "honey"s or "babe"s or "love"s either.

peto said...

wow, i really dont understand whats with all the hostility. I really am just being myself.
Maybe Saint John 'has' changed while i was away 15 years.
I am truly sorry for saying 'babe' and 'honey' in a *winking* fashion.
But, i guess i came to this party uninvited, as a party crasher, or at least that's how i feel
...anyway, sorry for the trouble.
*door closes*

mare said...

no, no, that's not it, peto. it's just that in our group of friends, we really don't refer to each other in that sort of way, let alone people outside our set that we don't know all too well. so it's just a bit odd, is what i'm saying.

don't blame yourself. blame pete luckett. every time someone calls me honey or babe or love, i think of pete's frootique, and how he used to do that to everyone.

waiters and waitresses who do that bug the crap out of me too. and people that call men "buddy". i shake my head.

do you understand what i mean, though?

Scott M. said...

Passive agressive much, Pete? And you wonder why people get annoyed.

John said...

Peto, it's really just a matter of respect. Your host, liz, made it clear she didn't like that kind of talk in her post script. You followed it with yet another.

I respect your desire to "be yourself" but I'm also willing to bet you would not curse in church or bring alcohol to an AA meeting even if "being yourself" involved cursing and drinking. You know that to do so would be disrespectful to the church or to those who are trying to stop drinking.

So, yeah, we called you on it.

Surly Canuck said...

Don't let Mare mislead you though... we do have our own terms of endearment crafted after years and years of friendship.

I mean, who can forget Phoque-head? Or Stumpy? Or Mama's Vest Boy?

Wait, that's all the same person.

Uh, never mind.

Dre said...

I am also not fond of being called nicknames such as "honey," "babe," "dear," etc.

I know people mean for them to be endearing but they generally come off as condescending or disrespectful.

peto said...

*opens door- peeks in the room*

"Let he/she who is perfect cast the first stone"

*closes door gently behind him*

mare said...

not even going to touch that last post.

will instead comment on phoquehead. good times, that. but come on, he wore a SEAL on his HAT, what did he expect.

remember "give me a light there, ho?" :D

Anonymous said...


Grow up.

Lisa said...

I'm not perfect, which makes me feel qualified to be casting stones. I've been struck by them before afterall, and it's only fair.

I think you may be overreacting Pete, and no, don't get all worked up thinking we're ganging up on you. I know you meant the second comment (ie: honey) to be a joke, but I don't know if Liz knows you well enough for her to know that. Instead of getting your knickers in a twist, say sorry and we'll all move on with our lives. ^_^

Surly Canuck said...

Ho lights are my favourites, because they have no bones.

peto said...

*throws brick through window*
*walks in through window*

"I'm Sorry!"

*walks over to Liz, offers to repair broken window, leaves through the front door- closes door*

*opens door, picks up brick, closes door*


scum said...

See, this is where I feel the need to cross the line, and say "It's alright, buddy. You're forgiven."

Which is great if you know me, not so much if you don't. :)