Monday, June 20, 2005

Quick weekend update

This weekend I:

  • went to karaoke and had an absolute blast. Mare & I must do another duet soon, those are fun.
  • Spent lots of time with my brother & nephew. Brother actually spent most of his spare time properly installing my surround sound. Bigger job than I thought. I really appreciated his time.
  • Survived Father's Day shopping and got some nice stuff for Dad with my brother.
  • Spent Father's Day with family, including grandfather, Dad, brother & nephew and have a nice 4-generation picture of them all.
  • had a visit from Santa Jenn, who brought me OPI nail polish in exchange for the chocolates I had bought for her. Yay!!!
  • Had an extra belly dance class on Sunday afternoon, where we practiced our routine. Have another class tonight and then the hafla on Sunday.
  • Ran into the cast of Julius Caesar on my way out of belly dancing and got to see everyone in togas. Had a nice chat with Scott T, quickly saw others as well.
  • Listened to other 80s radio show, it sucks in comparison, but it's all I got.
  • Again missed Jaybird's radio show due to belly dance practice, may also miss hearing it this week due to hafla. Feel bad :(


mare said...

i didn't know your hafla was THIS weekend. phoo, i have sailing (grand bay), dad's birthday and my staff dinner.

i downloaded "one way or another", am trying to learn it better so i don't screw up so bad next time. fun song. also enjoyed "sweet surrender" as a song. but yeah, it was all over "unbelievable" even though the words were wrong.

liz said...

Yup, it's this weekend. May even be outside.

Crazy stalker song though. *shudder*

mare said...

it was awesome! :) could pair it up with sting. "every breath you take". what a combo!

Lisa said...

Mmmm... togas... I have a toga...

liz said...

Mare: Definitely! You'll have to do Stalker Night at karaoke :D

Peto said...

ummm? did i miss something? Jay has a radio show? Thats cool.
When? Where?

PS: Sorry everyone had to work on monday when it was so nice out :-)
I had the one of the best days off ever :-)