Monday, June 20, 2005

Is it right

that I have my university diploma on the wall in my office, and right under it, the Muppet Show calendar?

Do Pigs In Space go with a BBA?

I don't want to work today. There may be frequent blog updates as I protest the fact that I have to work on a day that it is a) sunny and b) not foggy.


mare said...

meh, mine are stacked beside "buffy the vampire slayer: once more with feeling." ;)

canadianicewolf said...

generally, if it's a)Sunny, it's b)not foggy...unless you live in Pocologan.

To hell with funny street names, let's start listing funny place names in NB!!!

2)Digdeguash (did I even spell that right?)

as a note: Hanselpacker is also the name of the person that started and still owns the Save Easy in St. George. The locals call it Hanselpacker's. they dont' even bother with calling it Save Easy. So bizarre. So, perhaps the Hanselpackers are to Hartland like the Irvings are...nah..nevermind!

liz said...

Yes, you did spell Digdeguash correctly. And for those of you not from here, I laugh at the thought of you trying to pronounce Apohaqui.

Other funny names:

Boiestown (where my Dad is from)

and as John H sang in the car one day on our way to the drive-in: "Sweet Home Nauwigewauk"

peto said...

Re: sunny day.
really sorry to hear that you're stuck inside...

hmmm, i need to find my coconut oil for my fun-in-the-sun-day :-)

mare said...

"sweet home, nauwigewauk, where the skies are blue..."

good times.

petit rocher (pronounced petty rush).
cape enrage.
beaver dam.
petitcodiac, when it's mispronounced.

hey, speaking of mispronouncing, can i rant about apohaqui? honestly. tourists don't even have a chance.

liz said...

I know, it's totally hopeless because the "Ap" at the beginning is the only part that actually sounds as it is spelled.

mare said...

yup. calais, too, for that matter. most people think it's cal-lay. like the one in france. but it's callous.

i'm trying to think of more funny names. alma's kind of bizarre. and doaktown. what the hell is a doak?

liz said...

Mare, you forgot your favorite place to pronounce near Fredericton!!

mare said...


or the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-sis road?

liz said...

Waaaaaaaa-sis. I left that one for you.

and do you mean Nashwaaksis?

Lisa said...

I have a Strawberry Shortcake calendar and my Happy Bunny sign book; it's all good. Although, if anything goes with Pigs in Space, I would think diplomas do...

liz said...


[I have a hood voice]

I have a map!

[/I have a hood voice]

mare said...

is there something wrong with us that most of these names are first nations in origin?

i mean, new brunswick is no newfoundland. now the newfs, they know for funny place names.

mare said...

and also, i DO have a hood.

Surly Canuck said...

I vote for Maugerville as another tourists have no chance at.

By my all time favourite place name (for quite possibly the least fun place on earth) is St-Louis-de-Ha-Ha.

mare said...

even more than south dildo, vag?

Cyn said...

Pull & Be Damned Narrows
Disappointment Lake
Mistake Cove
Peekaboo Corner

Those are the wacko ones I know off the top of my head. (:

scum said...

There's a service station in Dildo that belongs to our major customer... It was at the top of the list one day, and one of the customer representatives (new to the company) just about had an attack when he saw the word Dildo on the report I'd done up for him.

canadianicewolf said...
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canadianicewolf said...

Sorry - had to removie the post and I'm re-doing it....

Newfies - the best is Come-by-Chance. Nothing like the art of stating the obvious!!!