Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Change of plans

I'm not going out of town this week. Won't be until next week.

I can still get the chocolate for you guys but it won't be 20% off next week. If anyone heads to Moncton this weekend, it's on sale until Sunday.


peto said...

Hi Liz, Whats this 'special' chocolate that can only be purchased in Moncton?
I'm not a chocolate conosoir, well, unless your talking the corner store variety then its, Twix all the way :-P

mare said...

jenn, liz - you want to head up on saturday or sunday?

liz said...

Peto: referring to Belgian chocolate, the best in the world.

Mare: Can't. Brother & nephew home this weekend, plus extra dance class on Sunday afternoon and it's Father's Day.

mare said...

right. plus i just found out i have rally of hope on saturday.

Surly Canuck said...

I can't go either... sorry!