Thursday, June 30, 2005

Yay, presents!

Presents just arrived for me, yay! I ordered the new Shakira cd (in Spanish), and since you have to buy $39 worth to get free shipping.... I also ordered the U2 Live from Slane Castle DVD. Since it's going to RAIN ALL WEEKEND, at least I have something new to watch.


Micah White said...

Slane Castle DVD ! Youssa lucky.

mare said...

slane castle!!! woot! can i borrow it when you're done? i'll trade you my conversations with bono book.

liz said...

[Monica voice] I KNOW! [/Monica voice]

Well since both of you are interested, why don't I have people over this weekend then?

mare said...

don't forget we need to help chris move this weekend too.

and i was going to go catch the drive-in with scott at some point.

and chris is having his housewarming on sunday eve.