Thursday, June 23, 2005

Don't cone & drive

Had strange and terrible day at work today. Can't blog about it, but next time I see you guys in person (perhaps at karaoke), I'll give you the brief version. Thankfully something that was beyond my control and not my fault, but will not be fun to deal with the aftermath tomorrow.

The hafla is now at 5pm on Sunday at Fisher Lakes, just got the call tonight. Not sure how I am going to dance on grass.

Jenn and Stew came over tonight and we went to the Pumpkin Patch for ice cream. Since I hopped in their car and wasn't driving I decided to get my chocolate ice cream in a cone. I can't cone & drive, but I can fry & drive . This led to a discussion with Stew on what he is able to eat while driving. No big macs, but he said he's able to eat quite a few things and drive, including the mcnugget & drive, even with dipping. That is a skill. I am impressed.

So the question is, what are your skills when it comes to the eat & drive?


John said...

I can drive with a full beverage and no lid without spilling. Even in a stick shift.

I can't eat and drive to save my life though.

peto said...

Fries & drive are my limit, if i had to choose...
What really pisses me, and amazes me at the same time, is the "lady" who drives her car and applies make-up at the same time.
It's almost sexy, in a strange sort of way.

dunno vote said...

Back when I used to work overnights and the Irving restaurant on the highway was just this dinky little thing for truckers in back of the store, I used to stop in there at around 4:30am and get breakfast to go. On a plate.

I'd drive from there to my home in hampton with my knee up against the wheel, the plate in one hand, and a fork in the other. It wasn't the safest thing, but it was pretty tame compared to most of the stupid things I did at that age--and given the time in the morning it was only myself that was going to be hurt most of the time. I became quite good at it, and was even able to stick shift between bites without touching the steering wheel with my hands. Always with the window down, at least a bit if not wide open, even in the dead of winter, and the stereo blaring to keep me awake.

The next morning I'd return the plate and pick up a new breakfast.

scum said...

Before I got married, I used to be able to eat and drive, shave and drive, and on the odd occasion, read and drive (mail only, not a book, I enjoy novels too much).

Now, I have a hard time reaching for the radio.

Lisa said...

I have never had the opportunity to master a driving and eating skill as I do not drive. ^_^ When I do drive, however, watch out world!

Surly Canuck said...

I used to be able to eat a full McDonalds combo, then have a smoke while driving. A stick.

I also spent a couple weeks after I wrecked my shoulder shifting with my left hand. That was exciting.

Of course, I banged up that particular car more than I had any right to.

Chris L said...

Before getting my speeding ticket I was driving too aggressively to eat at the same time. It seems that I am now out of practice and the best I can do is drink from a bottle. Eating is out of the question.