Thursday, June 16, 2005

Tonight on the land of TV

is the next installment of Hit Me Baby One More Time. I have to say, after watching last week's show, I was pretty excited to see this week's lineup. I am told the first week of the show wasn't much good? Guess I didn't miss much there.

Tonight's performers include Wang Chung, Sophie B. Hawkins, Irene Cara, Howard Jones and Cameo.

Wang Chung - actually my favorite song by them is Dance Hall Days. Wish they'd play that instead but they're doing Everybody Have Fun Tonight. And in the strangest choice ever, "Hot In Herre" by Nelly. This alone will make me watch this show.

Sophie B. Hawkins - main hit was Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover. She had another song, I know it when I hear it but I forget the name. Damn... was a good tune. She has an interesting voice. Wonder how it will sound tonight. She's doing 100 Years by Five For Fighting. Not crazy about that choice. We'll see.

Irene Cara - What A Feeling, from Flashdance. She seemed to be a one-hit wonder, which is kind of sad in a way, because she could actually sing. But can she still? In the new song category, she's singing I'm Outta Love by Anastacia. Don't recall if I know that one, but she has a gentler voice than Anastacia.

Howard Jones - was/is extremely talented. I always liked his stuff. Things Can Only Get Better was probably my fave tune of his. Tonight he sings No One Is To Blame, and Dido's White Flag. Interesting choice.

Cameo - Word Up! Wonder if he'll wear his "trademark" red thingy and bring LeVar Burton with him. Cameo is also doing Bowling for Soup's 1985. I could also be heard doing this last week at karaoke. I hope Cameo does better than me... especially with the large difference of the crowd at the Somerset vs national TV.

Gonna be a fun show tonight!


Cyn said...

Hmmmm I haven't watched it yet, but it intrigues me. I think the Sophie B Hawkins song you're thinking of is As I Lay Me Down. Good song although shortlived.

peto said...

WOW! Howard Jones? I thought I was the only one who knows him. I fell in love with Techno because of Ho Jo. I still listen to
"What is Love" and
"Like to get to know you well" from time to time...
but...*raised eyebrow* you are much too young to remember him!?!

KJ McLean said...

I love Howard Jones. Always have, always will.

And I'm liking this show quite a bit. It's nice to see these old favourites again (and to see, in some cases, that I'm not the only one who got old and fat! *grin*)

(Thanking the heavens above that Loverboy did not show up in red leather.)

Lisa said...

I was so disappointed that I missed it, but by the time class got done, it was already half over. Blah!! Maybe I'll be able to catch a rerun.